What's the Trick to Getting Rid of Unsightly Belly Fat?

Are you sick and tired of being unwell and exhausted? Are you fretted that you are visiting be overweight for the rest of your life? If this sounds like you, you could be looking for a fat burner to assist you obtain the additional weight off. Many Americans are finding themselves not only overweight but accumulating fat in many unwanted places. Not only is fat unattractive, it is also unhealthy. Many products have recently come available on the market in both powder and supplement form to assist your body in metabolizing, or burning fat.

The "Miracle Pill' that Burns Fat Off Your Belly, Thighs and Buttocks

The most common areas of fat collection are the belly, thighs and buttocks. Products known as fat burners have become very popular because they attack the fat buildup in these stubborn areas quickly. While many products work without the need of diet or exercise, it goes without saying that a healthy, nutritious, well balanced meal plan accompanied with a reasonable amount of both aerobic and load bearing exercise will substantially accelerate results. Many fat burners not only help to metabolize fat but also suppress the appetite as well . . . eat less and burn fat is a great combination that bolsters results.

One of the most effective fat burners to come on the scene recently is Green Coffee Bean Extract

The excitement over green coffee bean in the weight loss supplement world is the result of a compound found in green coffee beans called chlorogenic acid, which is what yields the beneficial effects on metabolism for weight loss. Recently Dr. Oz featured Green Coffee Bean Extract on his show and called it "a miracle pill" that "can burn fat fast for anyone who wants to lose weight." Dr. Oz is onto something here because there are several scientific studies backing his claim.

Study Results Are Impressive - Green Coffee Bean Extract Really Works

In the 2012 edition of the scholarly journal "Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy" the study most widely used to market Green Coffee Bean Extract found positive effects from the chlorogenic acid on metabolism and weight loss efforts.

This study consisted of human participants who ingested a high dose of green coffee bean extract supplement (1050mg) for 2 weeks, a low dose green coffee bean supplement (700mg) for 2 weeks, and a placebo for 2 weeks. Also, 2 week layoff periods were introduced in-between during which periods the participants did not consume the supplements. The results of the study were impressive demonstrating green coffee bean extract supplementation to result in body weight reduction, body mass index lowering, decrease in body fat percentage, and even minor lowering of participant's heart rate. This study was conducted without significant changes to diet or exercise routines of the participants.

Studies have been conducted on mice or rats, including a study found in "Biochemical Pharmacology" in 2013, indicating that chlorogenic acid decreases fat synthesis and improves cholesterol and triglyceride levels. In a paper published in 2007 by "The Journal of International Medical Research", scientists found that when human subjects ingested instant coffee mixed with chlorogenic acid, as a result of decreased absorption of glucose sugar the participants lost weight. The probable weight-loss and fat burner factor behind Green Coffee Bean Extract and the chlorogenic acid it contains most likely is the result of chlorogenic acid and how it affects sugar absorption from starch and how the body synthesizes fat.

Better Moods Results in Less Compulsive Eating

Researchers found that there were unexpected side benefits found with chlorogenic acid. Perhaps the most exciting benefit is that it seems to alter or improve mood. Caffeinated coffee enriched with chlorogenic acid and decaffeinated coffee enriched with a high amount of chlorogenic acid positively affected the mood and cognition of healthy elderly people in a recent study published in the journal "Psychopharmacology" in 2012. Since much overeating is the result of mood swings or a depressed state, this newly discovered benefit can provide the dieter with a psychological boost that aids in their willpower to resist overeating.

Green Coffee Bean Extract supplements used in the first human study above contained 45.9 percent chlorogenic acid and a minimum of 700mg of the green coffee bean extract supplement was taken daily. To experience effects similar to those of the participants in the study using a product that contains at least 45.9 percent chlorogenic acid and a daily dose of at least 700mg would make sense. nuYou Labs Green Coffee Bean Extract is 800mg and 50% chlorogenic acid providing for maximum effectiveness.

Green Coffee Bean Extract is Safe to Use and No Jitters

More is not always better and Green Coffee Bean Extract should be used as a dietary supplement at the recommended dosage. Individuals planning to begin a Green Coffee Bean Extract regimen should first consult with their medical professional, especially if they are pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18 years old, or an individual with a known medical condition.